Get Ready!


If you have seen our recent Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram updates, you know that our show at the Fenway Center debuts THIS WEEK! If you have an Instagram, take a picture of something related to Italia or Commedia, tag us in it, and use the hashtag #pazzilazzi to spread the word! And always tweet about us using #pazzilazzi! We will be live tweeting and instagramming during our event, so be sure to follow us @pazzilazzi!

We have been working really hard and are so excited for you to see what we’ve done. Here are some facts about our upcoming performance:

1. Although we portray traditional characters of Commedia Dell’Arte, we have written and directed all of our own scenes from scratch.

2. Two of our players have studied Italian theater all over Italy, and one of our players has her own vocal studio.

2. During our show, we are also accompanied by Renaissonics who will perform musical interludes and little pieces throughout the performance.

3. This will be our debut at Northeastern University!

Sounds good to you? Great! Come join us on Friday at 7PM for some Italian fun!

Reserve your FREE tickets here.

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