A recipe of how to make a Commedia dell’Arte play

Why a theatrical recipe? What does it mean? It means that the audience at our last show was so delighted that teacher Scott Sminkey  wrote this review incorporating a recipe for our play in the Dante newsletter.← Read the link.

And here is another one. We received it even many days after our show: that means the show must have made an impression on him!

I got the opportunity to see Pazzi Lazzi give a magnificent performance at the Dante Alighieri Society on November 7, 2014 and was thoroughly impressed from the beginning to the end.

After having lived in Italy for years, I was enthusiastic to see Aria di Commedia in Cambridge. Chiara, Emanuele and Maya did not disappoint: their passion and energy showed throughout their physically demanding performances. Their characters conveyed a range of comical situations that arose from envy, lust and greed. Not only did they captivate the audience, but they also brought the treasure of the Commedia dell’Arte to new horizons.

The Renaissonics’ superb musical accompaniment puts you right in the moment of each scene. Their musical interludes fit succinctly with the three scenes, elevating your experience. The unison between the musical accompaniment and the characters elevated my enjoyment.

I am highly encouraging my friends and acquaintances to see them on stage. You should too. Go discover the cultural richness that they actively participate in and promote!

(John Nigard)

In this video, don’t miss the Theatre Development Fund’s explanation about Commedia dell’Arte. In fact, this Theatre Dictionary, at http://www.theatredictionary.org,  is an expert guide to theater terms.

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