Ciao Commedia dell’Arte Fans!
Pazzi Lazzi has been working their…masks off!
After our mini-tour in New York (we had a very responsive audience in Westchester Italian Institute, the kids at Scuola Marconi had a blast learning about Commedia and dancing tarantella, plus we gave a lecture and performed Aria di Commedia at the prestigious Casa Zerilli-Marimo’) we had the pleasure to work again for Northeastern University, offering a workshop/demonstration in the beautiful setting of the Blackman Theater Auditorium. This year, after the workshop about the Commedia stock characters with Chiara Durazzini, we offered the students something new: a demonstration about Grammelot led by Emanuele Capoano. This is a video that he showed the students as an example,
after which they improvised and did some exercises about this peculiar mean of expression.
In May, we performed “The Lady of the Rings” at the Newton Arts Festival. This time, the noblewoman Flaminia was played by our new amazing actress (singer and dancer) Krystal Bly. But keep tuned, as we have more news coming, regarding seriously talented performers being part of our work!
We have been also very busy in schools around Boston with the project Italian Language Team, presenting a 10 minute trailer – our new short scene between Arlecchino and Pantalone titled “The Hunger Pains”- in order to introduce Commedia dell’Arte to students of all grades. Italian Language Team is a program in collaboration with PIB, the Educational Office of the Italian Consulate in Boston and CASIT.
We will work again with children at the Museum Mary Baker Eddy in Boston with ONE WORLD event, where we will teach them about Commedia with a short show, workshop and final dances! Here is the link with more info if you’d like to bring your kids!

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