Fantastic Fall and Winter touring around…

So, it’s been a very intense Fall and Winter for Pazzi Lazzi as we have toured quite a lot! We were teaching workshops at Indiana University – Bloomington to Italian students and professors of world languages. Particularly interesting was the study and experimenting with Grammelot. We also performed our newest scenario “Law and Order – The Trial of Arlecchino“.

In October another important tour/gig: the Italian Cultural Institute in Washington DC hired us to perform at the Euro Kids Festival and to teach a Commedia workshop at the Italian Embassy. So… we ended up performing “Aria di Commedia – Family Version” at the renown Kennedy Center for Performing Arts!!!

Kennedy Center

Above: Chiara Durazzini and Liz Adams in rehearsalĀ at the Millennium Stage

After a few months of much needed rest, on Commedia dell’Arte Day, February 25th, we headed to Skidmore College where we taught 2 workshops (to Theatre and Italian students) and performed “Aria di Commedia” all in the same afternoon/evening… talking about intense!








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