Another Carnevale with masks and skits


If you have heard the term Mardi Gras (“Fat Tuesday”) you may find interesting to know that this expression is derived from the French words Mardi  meaning “Tuesday” and Gras meaning “fat,” hence, Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday: the day before Ash Wednesday. As a celebration, Mardi Gras has become quite popular in the French quarter of New Orleans, known as the “Big Easy,” and over the years has become world renown. Mardi Gras  is associated with wild party celebrations of drinking and eating rich, fatty foods while speeding head long into the brick wall known as Ash Wednesday, the first of forty days of fasting. The term Mardi Gras  goes hand in hand with the term “Carnival.” Although the activities are basically the same, both concepts leading up to the beginning of Lent, the terms have different meanings. Carnival means the absence of meat or the removal of meat during the Lenten season, a kind of heads-up to let you know that your meat-eating days are soon coming to an end. Both terms involve public merry-making, parades and street parties in a kind of circus-like atmosphere complete with music, costumes and masks.

Eternal and forever young, “the strolling players’ wagon” belonging to our Pazzi Lazzi masks is about to tour again just like in a Carnival. Our logo, very well represented by a poor Arlecchino who craftly manages to survive by procuring himself a crust of bread or two, features its adventurous tale of traders and many other characters, sometimes rich and smart, sometimes unlucky and mischievous.

In fact, this time, on stage with the folk music band Newpoli, we will perform a new show Musici & Commedianti that will remind the audience of the Fenway Center about that spirit of Carnevale with our actors Liz Adams, Alessandro Di Gioia, Chiara Durazzini, and Marco Zanelli. Too bad the show is already sold out!

After February 25, 2017, when the show with Newpoli will take place at the Northeastern University’s Fenway Center, we are not heading to any “fasting” as we will continue our work with Italian Carnival Party on Sunday February 26 at the Dante Alighieri Italian Society sponsored by the Italian Consulate in Boston.

In March we will teach workshops and demonstrations at Brandeis University and UMass Dartmouth. And just because we do like to continue our parade of shows and skits without a break, we are creating and writing a new one-woman-show about Isabella Andreini in collaboration with Prof. Walter Valeri, as we announced in a previous article.

We are certainly brewing and cooking new skits for the next year with the writing helps of Laura Ingallinella and Emanuele Capoano from New York. But that is another story and… a secret! Shh…

So, stay tuned with our “Carnival” of characters. And meanwhile, let’s have more “fat-meats”!

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