Getting ready for a show: props check list needed!

Al right, great and exciting to know that we will be performing our original show “Isabella Unmasked” at Brown University, after the huge success of two week-ends ago at the Newton City Hall (the auditorium was packed!): The Newton TAB did a great job in spreading the word among the Newtonians!

Sometimes, putting back together a show after a few weeks or a few months is not the simpler of things: the location changes, the energy will be different, and the audience will never react the same way. The logistics sometimes are also tricky: do we remember the things that didn’t work and that we know we should change? Should have I taken some notes? Yep, I skipped a funny line, I must remember to put it back in during my next performance. What else didn’t work? Ah, we certainly need to check that we are bringing all the props. One time we forgot a very important prop: our plastic links of sausage, and all the scenario was based on those! We stopped at a butcher shop on the way to the outdoor summer show and bought real ones. We then ate the sausages that same night, poor starving actors!

So, we have learned our lesson: make a very detailed list of props and costumes for each scene of the show. Then check before loading the van!tab1

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