Women and Masks in the World

What a honor to be invited to speak at the virtual conference (yes, we are still going virtual here in Boston) Women and Masks hosted by Boston University and fiercely organized and planned by art professor Felice Amato and her team. The conference is divided in four sessions over four week-ends in September and October 2021 and then again in February and April 2022. It evolves about women artists who base their art -can be visual or performing art- on masks. Amazing guests from all around the world including mask-maker Alicia Martinez Alvarez from Mexico, theatre dire4ctor and educator Joan Schirle from California, actor Nora Fuser from Italy, artist Skeena Reece from Canada and many more. Imagine how delighted I was when Prof. Amato invited me to give a workshop and artist talk on October 30th! I had one hour and a half and I needed to perfectly time my speech The Masked Body: Sharing a Commedia dell’Arte Experience as more artists were before and after me. As usual, it is strange to talk on Zoom without seeing your audience, especially when you are talking about physical theatre and demonstrate how to train your extra-ordinary body in order effectively wear a mask, but the great questions in the Q. & A. gave me the sensation that some people actually had a good time!

An example of the program:

Here is my contribution to the conference:

I also participated in Nora Fuser’s workshop:

Finally here is an interesting article by Boston University’s newspaper The Daily Free Press. Enjoy!

Chiara Durazzini