Boston-based Commedia dell’Arte company Pazzi Lazzi Troupe puts its twisted take on envy, gluttony, and lust…
Boston Globe

Boston’s own Commedia dell’Arte troupe made its fabulous debut… The professional actors took the stage under several different guises, ranging from the crafty Arlecchino to pompous Dottor Balanzone, accompanied by music of the times.” – Nicola Orichuia, Journalist, Bostoniano.info

Commedia dell’Arte cuts trough the clutter of today’s theatrical buzz as it brings people back to a more intimate time in the history of theater.” – Small Theatre Alliance of Boston

The Pazzi Lazzi troupe has the power to transport the audience to a 16th century Italian piazza. The skits have the commedia dell’arte’s traditional bright comedy without leaving out references to the modern world. With great stage presence, charisma, and comedic timing, the three actors create an absolutely unique and fun performance. They use biting wit and notable mimicry. From Arlecchino to Pantalone, to Colombina and Pulcinella, you are in for a bunch of laughs!Stefano Marchese, Musician, Actor and Director

The show was a pure delight and a true showcase of the actors’ ability and training. Chiara and Emanuele have real chemistry going! The overall professional level of it, the way the audience reacted, the music — it has all created quite an experience! – Lilia Levitina, Theater Director




Check out the video on RAI WORLD (in Italian) – INTERVIEW TO PAZZI LAZZI by journalist Stefano Salimbeni


Listen the WTBU Radio at Boston University (in English)

Pazzi Lazzi on radio


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