Different backgounds, same love for Commedia dell’Arte!

A retired P.E. teacher, an opera singer, an Italian biology post-doc, four actors from the same improv group Comedycazi, the artistic director of the Boston-based amateur Commedia dell’Arte company I Sebastiani, two Boston University theater majors… many were the backgrounds of the twelve students who attended our intensive workshop MASKS IN MOTION over the weekend of November 11 and 12, 2017. And they were all amazing!

work1Pazzi Lazzi artistic director Chiara Durazzini teaching Brighella’s gestures!

They put all their effort into understanding the intense -and often tiring- postures and walks of the many Commedia stock characters we studied in depth. They tried Italian leather masks and realized how liberating it is to use a mask and express yourself only with your body. They laughed at each other and at themselves improvising on simple scenarios, using pieces of costumes and funny props.

Once again, Pazzi Lazzi was in awe of such wonderful people who came to us and decided to try something new, at the end hugging each other after hours of sharing the common experience of working hard and taking risks at moving their bodies and being grotesque, at the end feeling elated with a better understanding of the undying Italian tradition that is Commedia dell’Arte (and having learned some Italian words, too!).

And as we promised, we were very happy to donate the 20% of the workshop proceeds to a cause that we care about: The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

Ciao… until next time!

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